Every day fund "Dzīve bez parādiem" (Life without debts) helps ;people who have lost their hope and are unable to escape their debts by their own. Incapacity for work, health problems, downtime, redundancies or private life problems are the reasons, when loan became a debt, but repayment is an unbearable burden; Mostly those people are teachers, social workers ;musicians, sculptors, theatre workers, cashiers, janitors and others. Those people make very important but at the same time low paid job. Fear, exhaustion, shame and sense of desolation become the routine feeling for them. That negatively affect a debtors as well as personal and social life of their relatives.
Together with You from
Year 2021


Having participated on various charity projects for many years, I became sure that it is easy, enjoyable, pleasant and fair to help. The large part of the population in Our country is on the brink of poverty. There is a big demand of consumer loan as a result.  Loan agreements are hard, one overdue payment could bring You to the yoke of a debt. 

The charity fund "Dzīve bez parādiem" ( Life without debts)  was founded we could help those people! Our task is to rise humans desire to became a participants of the charity fund by making donations we coul help people on the brink of poverty. 

We definetly know, together we can help! Join us! 


Fund Manager

Aleksandra Platonova

About donations

All Your Donations are used for Charity Fund program activities - debt restructuring and repayment. Based on the best practises in philonthropy , the administrative expences of the Charity Fund "Dzīve bez parādiem" ( Life without debts) are covered from other sources. 

We picked up
31 020 €

Fund Manifest

  1. Our mission is to react to society's request for social transformation
  2. We serve to individuals an families on the brink of poverty
  3. We follow the global tradition of philanthropy
  4. We are grateful for even a small donation
  5. We believe that everyone can help someone
  6. We help and educate
  7. Every person is important and each case is unique
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