About target donations

If You choose targeted donation of Fund "Dzīve Bez Parādiem" (Life without debts), You will help to a specific group of people. For your convience we have devided people into groups, according to a professional and social status. If You want to make targeted donation to a group of people, which is not mentioned there, please contact us by e-mail info@bezparadiem.lv.

By a type of an activity

Medical staff

Nurses, medical assistants, emergency workers and other important workers often become victims of a consumer credit due to a low salaries.

Education Staff

Teachers, nannies, coaches and other educational staff are responsible for society education are forced to think about providing their families with basic with basic means of subsistence .

Social Staff

People who daily help to socially unprotected orphans, invalids, pensioners are at the bottom of the social ladder.

Municipal Staff

A salary of the State Fire and Rescue Service staff and others Municipal services staff doesn't go with the risks people meet with and is the reason, why they often bear the debt burden.

Art Workers

Musicians and Actors are forced to take out a loan due to the seasonality of their work. Restrictions during pandemic drastically reduced their incomes during the pandemic and many of them have fallen into debts.

Service Staff

Paymasters, waiters, sellers and other service staff are often find themselves on the brink of poverty. This situation became especially common during a pandemic.

By Social type

Single parents

To raise a child is not only psychologically hard challenge, but also financially hard one. That is why single parents get in debts so often


Average pension in Latvia is below the subsistence level. Retirees need to take out loans to pay off medical costs, unable to pay credit costs and as a result become debtors.

Persons with special needs

In Latvia people with disabilities everyday are fighting against infrastructure and financial difficulties.

By a type of a debt

Utility debts

Utilities ar a heavy burden, especially for retirees and single parents. Sometimes, utilities bills may be bigger than a human monthly incomes.

Medical debts

Medical Care prices grow constantly! People, who face a health problem, fall into medical debts

Consumer credit debts

Socially poor people need to take consumer loans to pay daily costs. Consumer loans very often isn't payed.

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