About fund

Charity Fund "Dzīve bez parādiem" (Life without debts) was founded to help people, who get further and further into financial trouble. The injustices of the modern model of society is that the biggest part of representatives of the most in demand proffesions (doctors, teachers, nannies, firefighters, police officers, social workers and many others) is located at the bottom of the social ladder and becomes the victims of consumer loans.

Debts canceled
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  1. An Applicant fills in the application

    An Applicant indicates the information about debts, sources of incomes and reasons of present financial situation.

  2. We develop an individual solution

    We help to minimize month expenses to an accesseble level, to hold on late payment penalties, and to stop debt collection process.

  3. We cover debts of an applicant

    Depending on the financial situation of an applicant, the Fund covers all the debts or part of them

  4. We provide a further support

    After debts are paid, we provide further advices and consultations, to avoid re-entering the credit carousel.

Each case is special

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432 persons